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Step by step on how I did it.

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Since I work in social media, I tried to make my way around it to get as quickly as I could into the Partner Program.

I joined two Facebook groups, but they only accepted me 24hrs later, so that didn’t help.

I joined r/MediumApp subreddit and started looking for posts that could help me get fast growth, but I didn’t find anything useful. Their community is not very active on Reddit.

I searched on Twitter, but again, nothing much there.

I even looked up TikTok, my last hope, and found no luck there either.

I think Medium is not so popular on other social media platforms; however, I sensed there is a feeling of community on Medium itself, so I decided to try and leverage that.

Step by Step on how I did it

  1. I started looking up posts on Medium about the new 100 followers requirement, and unsurprisingly, I found a lot of them. Guess what? A lot of other people were trying to get there as fast as possible, so I’m not sure if Medium actually took the right decision with this new requirement.
  2. Luckily, I came across a viral post by JL MatthewsWho Needs 100 Followers?”. Of course, I needed 100 followers, so clicked on the post.
  3. I commented. In the hope that he would follow me, but he didn’t. :(
My comment on JL Matthews viral post

4. Yey, I got 7 claps on my comment. Actually, I am not sure how many people followed me from this comment, but I thought it would help.

5. From my experience on Instagram growth, the follow for follow strategy gives you 10% in ROI (Return on Investment), so when you follow 100 people, you expect 10 people to follow you back. Maybe this could work on Medium, right?

6. I started going through the comments because all these people were as desperate as me with their follower hunt.

7. I clapped every single comment and went into their profiles. I checked whether what they write about would interest me in the future and decided to follow them or not.

8. But not only that, if a person had a lot of followers and was following only a few people, I did not follow them. Why? Because they are less likely to follow me back with only one published story. They seem to be picky with their follows, so why waste my follows on people who won’t follow me back.

9. There were 436 comments, so it took me some time to go through them. Knowing that Medium would block me for doing too many follows, I went through the comments in the morning, after lunch, and in the evening. I did a total of 152 follows.

Surprisingly, it actually worked! I got 115 followers from my spree :D

Bonus Tip

Make sure you have at least one story published and an optimized profile, with a nice picture, bio, and mention what topics you might write about in the future. I also learned here that if people are not interested in the topics you write about, they will not follow you. Who wants a feed with stories they don’t find interesting? No one.

Also, if you want to get followers who would actually support you, you need to support them first. Make sure to give some claps and thoughtful comments on your followers’ posts. They’ll appreciate it and you’ll be building a long-lasting relationship, rather than just a number on your followers' list.

How did you get your first 100 followers? 👀

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